The Sri Lanka Journal of Neurology (SLJN) is a forum for debate, education and entertainment for health professionals interested in Clinical Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neurosciences. The journal is aimed at practicing Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientists with commitments in Sri Lanka and has relevance to all those working in the health sector. The Journal’s prime responsibility is to the members of the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists (ASN) and its objective is to promote good clinical practice and influence policy making across the medical world through publication of original research and peer reviewed articles on current issues and to foster responsible and balanced debate on issues that affect medicine and health care in Sri Lanka. Contributions to the SLJN reflect its national and multidisciplinary readership and include current thinking across a range of medical specialties and the journal assists the ASN in its continuing medical education program.

While members of the ASN receive the SLJN as one of the benefits of membership, it will be available to other health professionals on paying a subscription fee. The journal has full editorial independence.